UE richiama WhatsApp: deve informare meglio i consumatori sull’uso dei loro dati personali

preoccupante anche lo scambio dei dati personali degli utenti tra WhatsApp e terze parti o altre società di Facebook/Meta. WhatsApp

La Commissione europea e la rete delle autorità nazionali per i consumatori (CPC) hanno chiesto a WhatsApp di chiarire le modifiche apportate nel 2021 ai suoi termini di servizio e alla politica sulla privacy e di garantire la loro conformità alla legge UE sulla protezione dei consumatori.

La Commissione europea e le autorità dei consumatori sono anche preoccupate per lo scambio di dati personali degli utenti tra WhatsApp e terze parti o altre società di Facebook/Meta. WhatsApp ha tempo fino alla fine di febbraio per interagire con la Commissione e le autorità..

Di seguito il testo integrale della Commissione europea

Consumer Protection: WhatsApp has to inform consumers better about the use of their personal data

Today, the European Commission and the network of national consumer authorities (CPC) sent a letter to WhatsApp, asking the company to clarify the changes it made in 2021 to its terms of service and privacy policy and ensure their compliance with EU consumer protection law. Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, said: “WhatsApp must ensure that users understand what they agree to and how their personal data is used, in particular where it is shared with business partners. I expect from WhatsApp to fully comply with EU rules that protect consumers and their privacy. This is why we launched the official dialogue today. WhatsApp has until the end of February to come back to us with concrete commitments on how they will address our concerns.” Following an alert from the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), the Commission and national consumer authorities, under the lead of the Swedish Consumer Agency, are requesting WhatsApp to explain how it complies with its obligations under EU consumer protection law. The questions concern whether sufficiently clear information is given to consumers on the consequences of their decision to accept or decline the company’s new terms of service; the fairness of WhatsApp’s in-app notifications prompting consumers to accept the new terms and privacy policy; and whether consumers have an adequate opportunity to become acquainted with the new terms before accepting them. The Commission and consumer authorities are also concerned about the exchange of users’ personal data between WhatsApp and third parties or other Facebook/Meta companies. WhatsApp has until the end of February to engage with the Commission and the authorities. More information on how the Commission works with consumer authorities to investigate and tackle breaches of EU consumer law is available here.

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